The Five Yamas (5 restraints or the "don'ts"): 8 limbs of Yoga

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Just as building a foundation is an absolute necessary phase to building any structure, the most important aspect of the construction of the spiritual edifice of yoga is constituted by the moral and ethical practices called Yamas and Niyamas.

For the majority of aspirants, the main focus of their sadhana should be the development of yama and niyama. More advanced practices such as meditation should also be pursued, but one must understand that no substantial progress will take place until the 10 practices of yama and niyama are tangibly established.

The Five Yamas

It should be noted that all yamas should be practiced in the spirit and by the letter. Furthermore they should be applied in deeds and words, as well as thoughts. Perfection in any of them is for the very few but much progress can be made in a given lifetime. Also they should each be practiced in relation to each other. Sometimes they will seem to conflict and much soul searching will be ne