Going through Change? Embrace it!

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With change comes uncertainty, worry, and fear. The time when a person is most vulnerable from the unknown. Vulnerability sprouts emotions that are created to help you understand what is going on within you and what needs to be done to settle those emotions to bring comfort to your mind. Many times people associate vulnerability with weakness but thats truly a myth. Without those feelings, there is no drive to help improve the conditions you're in. It’s such an amazing yet nerve racking part of life that’s reoccurring and cyclical. The outcome of change is a new and improved you! A mature and now experienced person in that subject matter. There is no growth without change. Embrace it, learn from it, live through it with faith. There is a higher power that knows what’s best and with more changes to come in your life, it becomes more clear. Clear in the sense that divine planning is perfect. Perhaps it’s the reason why for some, faith grows with age. Remember to listen to what you’re feeling and let that be the guide to what you need to do. You have the light within you and you are always supported.