Anxiety: Healing Secrets of the Native Americans

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Stress and anxiety are the way of life for many Americans. Among the Native Americans, anxiety was rare, in part because they derived tremendous peace and comfort from their spiritual beliefs.

They relieved anxiety with what scientists have proven to be affective with the following herbs: dandelion, valerian, hops, black cohosh, rose, and goldenseal usually taken as a tea several times a day. If time and convenience are factors, you can buy these herbs as supplements or tinctures from your local health food stores.

One of the best healing herbs, rose petals, can be used externally to relieve anxiety. Herbalists Ana Nez Heatherley recommended running a bath and adding fresh rose petals to the water. To complete the experience, you can indulge yourself by drinking a cup of rose petal tea and maybe even hold a rose tea compress to your forehead.


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