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          with Zahra

[संयोग, “yoga in union”]

Calm Your Mind 

Yoga allows you to clear your mind and hit the reset button. There is nothing more therapeutic than immersing yourself in a 45-minute yoga class after a long day.

Open Your Mind to Receive 

While practicing yoga your mind is still and disconnected from electronics - this allows your brain the ability to open up and allow new information to process more clearly.

Increase Focus

Yoga has been proven to help increase concentration and focus through the practice of rhythmic, focused breathing also known as pranayama. 

Reduce Stress

Yoga supports the practice of being in the moment and accessing presence. The movements in yoga also stimulate more effective blood circulation throughout the body; also activating the pineal gland, thereby ensuring healthy production of melatonin and serotonin (hormones that regulate various human functions such as sleep, appetite, and mood).

Improve Spinal Health 

Yoga helps to strengthen and open tight areas of the body

Improve Your Physical Health

Yoga helps to improve strength and stamina which are helpful during long days that require above-average levels of focus and concentration. 

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